• The Spring Museum opens its doors

      05 de Abril de 2017

    The eternal Spring in Gran Canaria is accentuated at this time of the year with an eclosion of new life.

    The calendar announces that it is now Springtime, leaving behind Winter. Gran Canaria listens and just smiles, as Spring is just another full time resident on the island. The finely striped black bee is never short of a flower to suck on nor short of reasons to take to the skies and buzz along happily.

    In Gran Canaria Spring is an accent, a few verses underlined in its country notebook and an open invitation to stop and marvel at the highly colourful eclosion that comes along long before anywhere else in Europe. So there is a way to bring forward the calendar and welcome in the Spring season early: just come to Gran Canaria.

    Fuente: Gran Canaria

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