• The Day of the Canary Islands

      29 de Mayo de 2017

    The autonomous region of the Canary Islands celebrates on May 30th , the Day of the Canary Islands, a big party in honour of the canary spirit and people. It commemorates that on this day back in 1983 the first session of the Canary Parliament took place, the legislative body which establishes the statute of autonomy in the Canaries.


    Until then, never before the Canary Islands had the capacity of a proper government which affected the whole archipelago and which was complemented with a government that was chosen democratically with a duration of four years and located in the capital cities of the two oldest and most populated islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria y Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


    Little by little, the canarian people have assumed this festivity as their own, recent but at the same time coherent with a geographic, political and administrative reality. The children and the younger ones in particular, are those who have been educated and have grown experiencing the celebration of this day, with many activities organised as a recognition of the tradition and the physical and social environment of the islands.


    However, it is not just at the school where these activities take place. In fact, the main event is the Honor and Distinction Awards ceremony organised every year by the Canary Government where various personalities or entities of the canarian community are honored in different disciplines such as literature, art, investigation, innovation, sports, philanthropy or communication.


    Even though the main event is the official ceremony organised by the Canary government, the canary day is celebrated all over the archipelago with many activities related to culture and leisure promoted by the town council and town hall of every island, as well as by many companies and entities who are willing to take part in this unique celebration.


    The Day of the Canary Islands is a cultural celebration related to the canary identity with many events where the people participate with traditional costumes, folk music and traditional sport exhibitions which reflect the autochthonous nature of a culture that has preserved part of its history as well as managed  to create new ways of expressing its way of living and the feeling of its surroundings. This is also shown in its rich cuisine with typical ingredients where “papas con mojo” is the star dish. Above everything else, the importance of this day resides on the hospitality of the people and in the streets, opened for the world to see and enjoy.

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    Martes 30 de Mayo - Telde

    10:00h. Parque Urbano de San Juan 

    Exposición de Artesanía y labores tradicionales

    Exposición y venta de productos autóctonos

    Exposición de vehículos clásicos y antiguos

    Conciertos de la Banda Municipal de Música

    VI Encuentro Musical “Jorge Vega Peña”, Talleres de la Escuela Municipal de Folclore de Telde, A.F. Cendro – A.C. El Salitre del Faycán, Parranda de Teror, G.F. Tagoror, Parranda Nuevos Aires Isleños

    Exposición y demostración de juegos y deportes autóctonos y tradicionales

    Degustación: leche con gofio y potaje de berros.

    Hasta aquí las actividades programadas por el Día de Canarias en Telde, no se pierdan los post que preparamos con el programa de otros municipios.

    Fuente: Ayto. de Telde 

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