05 de Agosto de 2017

    On 9th September the Canaries’ most popular trail running event, La Noche Mágica, is back. For the eighth year “running”, the streets and footpaths around the municipality of Valsequillo de Gran Canaria are packed full of sportsmen and women of all nationalities who light up the peaks with their spotlights on their way round. They make a fine coupling between land and sky where the stars are confused with the runners’ spotlights, providing an attractive backdrop which spectators should not want to miss.

    The activities kick off at 9 o’clock sharp with the children’s races, where youngsters grab the limelight in a fun run around the junior circuit in an atmosphere of companionship, to then move on to the foam party following their well deserved breakfast run.

    It is then the turn for adults to take over once the sun has gone down. The 600 places available are taken up by the lucky subscribers who have the privilege of taking centre stage in the night time run, each one in his or her chosen category. Both the young, old and bold run side by side in this race.

    In the hiking-tour category, participants blend in with the other runners in their own 8 kilometre course, before then being able to watch part of the race from a privileged spot. They are guided along the way as far as a VIP area where they can stop to enjoy the nocturnal atmosphere, in the company of several guides, and where they are provided with food and refreshments, to then come down to Valsequillo and cross the finishing line and feel they are part of the event.

    The 12 km race is designed for all types of runners to take part in, both individually or in groups or with the family, with hardly any tricky stages, along the two main ravines in Valsequillo and districts packed full of spectators, making the race seem that much shorter.

    The main race covers 22 km and has a total slope of 1,100 metres. It is the choice for the most demanding participants, who set themselves a challenge and dream big. The race is quick at its early stages, and seems pretty straightforward, until runners hit the ascent up to the area known as El Montañón. This is a technical stretch of the race and has a considerable rise up to the skyline, before reaching the final 2 kilometres and a sharp descent, to the stunning stage below made up of the brightly lit streets packed full of spectators awaiting the arrival of the night’s running stars

    Learn more about its history and participate at www.nochemagica.es

    2017 San Miguel Vertikal Kilometre Race

    The neighbourhood of Tenteniguada, in the municipality of Valsequillo, will be the stage on 30th September for the only Vertical Kilometre Race in the Canaries, in the Canary Vertical Kilometre Championship organized by the Canary Mountain Federation.

    This race covers a distance of 4.4 km, in which runners will ascend a 100% mountain course up to 1,802 metres altitude, to the finishing line at Cruz del Navegante, with an overall rise of 1,003 metres.

    The organization, on behalf of the Valsequillo Mountain Club, will be laying on buses to take race followers and the general public, as far as the finishing line area, so they can cheer on the efforts of the 150 runners who will be taking on the climb. Participants will be coming in from all areas of Spain. 

    Fuente: Welcome to Gran Canaria

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